Affiliates are for everyone!

Affiliate marketing is a low cost way to showcase products and services you already use and believe in.

Just like retail, a boutique shop carries many brands and styles of products within the same niche. As an affiliate, you may receive a % of the total purchase price or free products to promote. Usually somewhere between 4-6% to start. 

 Here's some instructions... #HowTo

1. Find a unique niche and buy your own products with your affiliate links. If you already love it and use it, you can sell it easily. Check your recent order for product ideas. 

ProFLIP TIP: Selling something you spend your own money on and appreciate. It can be as simple as a favorite hair dryer or extension cord you swear by. Becoming an affiliate of your favorite products is a fun and truthful way to make passive income. 

2. Search Engine Marketing. Share to Strangers. Many affiliates share on social media in groups and on pages. Many affiliates use pay-per-click engines to share products. You don't have to be yourself online, make yourself into a salesperso and sell, research, sell. 

3. Know your audience. This is an excellent way to increase your credibility and build trust. Know your audience will love your affiliations as much as you do and they will be satisfied.

4. Always update your products, check prices from different merchants, within your niche. Add new links and update your old links every 30 days.  

5. Seek knowledge and embrace changes. Stay on top of trends and share your links as much as possible but don't fall for trends if you can help it. Share your favorites as an affiliate.

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