Domains : What to do with them!

Domain Name Details
Maybe you’re sitting on one of those great names worth millions of dollars!
Even if you don’t have a name worth millions, it’s a good idea to understand the value of your domains. You might find out that a domain you own is worth more than you thought.

Your domain name is your virtual real estate, so obtaining a strong and relevant domain is important to your online visibility and your brand's success. 

Consider these Valuable Criteria


When selecting a domain name, you will want to choose a domain that fits with your business, meaning it is relevant to your business name, product, or industry, so that customers can easily associate your domain with your business. 

Communicate to your customers exactly what you sell and work to promote your store name simultaneously. 


You want your customers to remember you. Choose a domain that name that is easy to say and spell. Select a short domain that is straightforward and will communicate exactly what your business offers. 

Keyword Rich

When it comes to your web presence, it's essential that you are aware of relevant keywords. If your domain name is an exact match for your top keywords your website will likely rank well for these searches. Consider the most popular and relevant keywords searches for your business and see if they are available.

Appropriate Extensions or TLD

.com is the most popular domain extension. Others that are well known are .net and .org but there are multiple domain extensions to build your brand. 

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